Feature wall…Is the first thing you see when entering the room, add interest and energy to space. If you are not feeling comfortable in your home should be the first thing to transform, might be a good alternative to a full makeover…and more cheapest.

A well made feature wall transform all the space and polarise attention to one single vertical plan. A feature wall could be the easiest way to create the wow factor in your room.


I think the handiest solution is simply to paint it in a strong colour. Paint may be a cheaper and easier solution and is something great for everyone in the colour ranges.


Another common technique is to cover the wall with wallpaper, available in a huge array of colours and patterns. Could be a better alternative than paint as is known that paint might highlight imperfection in the wall surface.


For a bit more personality and an industrial appearance can be chosen brick. Is inexpensive and very fashionable, match perfectly with minimalist furniture.



A warm atmosphere could be created with wood finish. Give a plus of elegance and wealth.


living room

If look for a distinguished impression better to choose stone. Stone come in a large variety but never match with a tight budget.


Is a pleasant bedroom but don’t you think something is missing? At least a work of art exposed on the wall.

I cannot name this wall a feature wall as it doesn’t highlight any features. But is still an immaculate and lovely bedroom.

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