I recently read about most common reasons why people move. Among them I highlighted two that you dont’t have to consider in most cases:

1.People need more space .

2. People need to upgrade/improve.

I’m coming now to give reasons to stay where you are and to try to improve your living. Perhaps you need a bit of help but here are a lotall the  of specialists very pleased to help you.

Now think to reasons to stay :

1.You like the area where you live, has all the facility that you need , you know the best places for shopping and perhaps is not very far from your work.

2.You already know the neighburds, probably you are in good relationship with them and you cannot be sure you find compatible people where you move.

3.Kids are close to the school and have friends there. Children need stability so you have to consider their opinion too.

4.Could cost much time and money to move all the stuff that you posses and before and after moving your life will be a mess.

5.Probably you need some home improvement where you move. Probably the new house will surprise you , and not in positive way, beyond all the guaranty that you could take (surveyors reports, etc). At least, you know the house where you live and what improvements you need. You already know the cost of maintenance and you can plan your budget from advance.

6.In many cases you can extend (one or two storey,  rear/back/side) or probably a loft conversion is more suitable for your needs.

Take your time and think at the full potentiol of your house; ask a specialist for a better ideea .

7.You don’t like tinny spaces but who likes? This is is our heritage from the past generations, but always can knok some walls , create an open space and full the eye.

Consider all this ideas and think wisely before any decision. Could be exciting to move but in many cases is better to improve. Will add a nice value to your house: for you in the near future and nice extra money when you think again to sell.


Reasons to not move. Better to improve!

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