home-663245_1280Many of us want to live in trendy homes, modern and fancy. But beeing modern comes with a cost…well doesn’t have to be a high cost. See below a few tips:

1.”Less is more”

The minimalist approach is still considered very modern. Keep it simple. Don’t try to mix too many materials and textures.

livingroom-1032733_12802.White walls

If you don’t have a preferred color keep it white. Some of the designers and “experts” might say is a lack of imagination or personality but just ignore them. Will look modern.

3.Feature wall

An impressive feature wall can be all that you need to give to your interior “the wow factor”. You can use a bright color, a nice wallpaper, wood finish, stone, brick.


Try to polarize attention on something: a work of art on the wall, a lamp floor, a plant.

5.Pop of color

If you have a monochrome interior try to bring some color. Is a very easy way to bring joy in your room and very easy and inexpensive manner to refresh your interior each season.

Tips when you redecorate

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